Welcome to the Cub Scouts of Marion, MA!


For children from the first to the fifth grade, we are an active Pack with strong ties to our local community.  Ceremonies, earning awards, sports, games, craft, camping and more are all done with a specific purpose in mind. It’s fun, but also so much more. As the Scouts have fun they learn citizenship, self-reliance and the twelve core values of Scouting.

2019 Pinewood Derby

Results are below from the 2019 race held on February 9, 2019.   Jack Goodwin defended his title from 2017 with a stellar showing again in 2019.  Top five racers can advance to the regional championships.  See more photos here.

1 Jack Goodwin (#11)          Webelos1
2 Jackson Daniel (#14)        Webelos1
3 Peter Hurd (#1)                 Bear
4 Josh Van Inwegen (#10)  Webelos2
5 Iain McManus (#13)         Webelos2
6 Anthony Petersen (#2)     Webelos2
7 Cole Gretton (#6)               Webelos2
8 Gavin Bellanger (#3)        Webelos2
9 John Redler (#4)                Wolf
10 Holden Campbell (#12)  Bear
11 Caroline Hilton (#7)        Wolf
12 Subhav Parajuli (#16)     Webelos1
13 Luke Roberge (#15)         Tiger
14 James Hilton (#8)             Bear
15 Bryan Correia (#9)           Webelos2
16 Mathew DaRosa (#5)       Webelos2